Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Radio Kuwait

Since I have been in Kuwait and subjected to long, long drives through lots of nothingness I have been able to indulge in listening to a lot of music. I bought a FM transmitter for my iPod so that I can have something other than AFN, VOA (Voice Of America), BBC, and Radio Kuwait.

Radio Kuwait reminds me of Bahrain radio. They play a mix of pop, rap, and extreme metal and then have the news which is read staccatto style by an educated Kuwaiti who can pronounce the names correctly. They cover every visit by the Royal family to every embassy, foreign dignitary, every foreign trip and it seems like every trip to the dentist to boot. They then segue into heavy handed reporting on the dangers of Israel and the west, something about Brittany Spears, and then follow up with a feel good piece. It is sort of like this:

"His Royal Highness, Sheik Faisal bin Faisal Ali Moutadad Kahlid Saleem Mohammed, Jr. was visited today by his excellency the right honorable judge Sheik Muqtada Ali Bin Laden to discuss dental hygiene in the region. After tea and massages they agreed that flossing is important and that it should be recommended as a state practice. In Lebanon today the Zionist Agressors launched a ferocious and unprovoked attack on a convoy of wounded children with teddy bears. The innocent lambs were butchered by the big nosed, money lending vampires. 567 children were killed and 300 teddy bears stolen, the rest of the teddy bears were raped at gunpoint. At the Teen Spirit awards Brittany Spears introduced her husband and kicked off his world tour. While unappreciated in the USA, K-Fed will be touring the Middle East where he can expect sell out crowds. (People here are starved for any entertainment be it from wannabes to has been rock stars from the 70s.) A bird was rescued today from a nest which had caught fire from the ambient temperatures of over 50 degrees (That is 130 to you and me!). Mr. Rajeesh Ghoul from Goa who is a 1 dinar per day laborer rescued the bird and was quick to point out that if the the American backed Zionist agressor had not made Allah angry by attacking the peaceful nation of Lebanon, Allah would not vent so much heat and the little bird would still have a home. The temperature today is a high of 50 degrees and a low of 32, the humidity will be at 90% so dress in light colors and don't forget to boycott Danish cheese."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, except for the "isn't-Bush-a-dope" story,and the latest "more-bad-news-from-Iraq" story, that sounds very much like the MSM here stateside.

This morning's edition included a story about how 1200 Marine Reservists are being "forced" (yeah, thats the word they used) to go back to Baghdad. (I guess the press gangs are coming the country-side.) Its enough to make you puke.


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