Friday, August 11, 2006

All the news that's fit to print

There are a lot of other folks commenting on the uneven handling of the ongoing fight in Lebanon and the war in Iraq so I won't comment on that. News being what it is these days is very depressing but every once in a while a snippet apprears that just makes you wonder.

The Kuwaiti Times has a Friday newspaper that is the equivalent of a Sunday paper back home and one of the more interesting sections is the crime report. I never used to read this stuff but Mrs. MiG is keen on Court TV, crime dramas, mystery books and the like so I peruse it to have some commonality of interest. She would love this.

The Kuwaitis don't give up all the details like the US media or Fleet Street. Instead they just give up the barest of details that really make you wonder. Take this for instance:

Abnormal caught in skimpy clothes

Ahmadi patrols arrested a female citizen at dawn on Wednesday because she was wearing provacative clothes. The patrol was roaming Fahaheel markets when they spotted a woman wearing skimpy clothes. When they checked her documents they found that she was not normal. She was taken to Fahaheel police station.

Let's analyze this.

Ahmadi patrols are the religious police. Not the regular police who look for criminal acts but instead guys who just look for non Islamic behavior. You can get in more trouble with them than anyone else. Sharia law is much more swift and severe than civil law. Fair or not, that's the way it is and you live with it.

By saying citizen they mean...gasp....a KUWAITI! Not an expat or poor downtrodden Asian, an actual Kuwaiti. This is a scandal of the highest proportions.. Is she royalty? Is she from a well heeled family? Was she trolling for dudes?

What do they mean by "skimpy"? Was her dress above the knee? Was she wearing a tube top and showing a thong? Did she have some belly showing? Just what is skimpy? I know what it is by LA standards and that is not much. By European standards it means next to naked but just what is skimpy over here? I don't know but before Mrs. MiG makes a trek over here I better find out. She is working hard on having an awesome body and she likes to show it. In Rome that's OK but not here.

Just what the heck is "not normal"? Is she mental? Is she liberated? Is she protesting Islamofascist laws in her own country? Is she trying to make a statement or is she just some poor girl wearing European fashion and pushing the edge just a little too far?

If she had not been a citizen what would the cops have done? This little blurb is just one example of the difference between this part of the world and the one I come from. I have been here for years and still don't have a grasp on all of it. I understand the rules and the laws but just don't get the mindset behind it.

Documents? Yep. Even the locals must carry paper at all times. There is always an outcry whenever a nation in the west says we should have national ID cards or some other device but over here no one questions it. You go nowhere without ID of some sort.

Oh well, I must read on. Only Allah knows what other tidbits await in the Friday paper!


Alli states that "not normal" may mean stoned. Could be. There are three blurbs about Hashish busts in the same crime column. I swear that this is all there is. The Friday Times does not have it's own link but it is the scandal rag here compared to the regaular news.


Anonymous Alli said...

I wonder if "not normal" could have something to do with her mental state? Maybe she was drunk or on drugs?

Its pretty hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that that is all they printed.

12:33 PM  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Fascinating. This is a fascinating little snippet that illustrates the vastness of the divide.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Fritz said...

Right after the liberation of Kuwait in 91' there was a lot of drugs coming into Kuwait by Dow from Iran. In the fish market area and the dow port they had to finally fence in the area to keep some containment on the flow of hasish. I found that the Egyptians were particularly fond of the stuff. Like Saudi and other Gulf states if you have the cash you can get the hash (or anything else you want). Guess that is part of the double standard that is in the fine print of the Koran.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Don Cox said...

Try this police blog from somewhere in India.

5:18 PM  

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