Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Relative Humidity

No, not your sweaty cousin. It is humid here and really, really friggin hot. Iraq has this dry, roasting heat where you feel like you are in a convection oven at 110 degrees but this place gets up to 130 and has 90% humidity. It is like going from Las Vegas heat to a Finnish sauna. One of the MCT guys who has been here a while told me that Kuwait has two seasons. They are Summer and Hell. I agree.

You start to feel like you are being poached or steamed like a crab. I am adjusting but this brings back memories of some of my childhood on the Texas Gulf Coast. The minute you walk outside your shirt starts to get soaked. Sweat runs down your back into the top of your pants. Your pits are soupy. Your undies are damp. Your socks are too. It is just muggy and all around uncomfortable. Thank God for Under Armor! At least it wicks this away. I have the t-shirts and some boxer briefs but now I am going to get rid of all my cotton and go Under Armor only. It is expensive but worth it here.

Yesterday I was coming to work (An actual commute) and listening to the radio. The VOA DJ was stating that it was going to be a nice day in Kuwait with a high of 45 degrees. That translates to 120 in the USA and that is considered a NICE day. Add that to the damp, muggy vapor and you now know why the Big Hair craze of the 80's never caught on here.

When I was in CONUS for R&R in June it was about 90 degrees and it felt good to me. Everyone else was complaining but I thought it was AOK compared to Iraq. After being conditioned to this sweltering sauna of a mini-country I may need a light jacket next time.

Oh, well. Two more months of this and it will get back to a more comfortable 100 degrees or so. I can't wait.


Anonymous Fritz said...

And no iced down beer!

5:07 PM  
Blogger MonicaR said...

A friend of mine recently returned from duty in Iraq. He is not fazed at all by the nasty little heat spell we have going here in Philly.

7:40 AM  

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