Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Desert

People ask me, "Hey MiG. What does the desert look like?" That is like asking what a forest looks like. Do you want a coniferous forest, deciduous, jungle, temperate? Mountain, valley, new growth, old growth? Deserts have just as much difference. There are sandy, rocky, hard pan, mountanous, flat, cold, and hot. The desert in Iraq is way different from the desert here.

Deserts in North Africa are the classic desert in everyone's minds. Big sand dunes, oasis, Berber Bedouins, etc. Most deserts don't fit this mold and the ones here sure don't. This desert is hard pan, rock and packed sand mix. It is almost completely devoid of flora or fauna. It has very few distinguishing marks and is overall very dull looking. I have attached a pic of the average looking view that exists 50 kilometers or so outside of Kuwait City.

While it is dull it also offers no place for bad guys to hide and if there was an IED you would literally spot it a mile away. I wish Iraq was so barren. It sure would make the fight easier.


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