Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Before I left I bought those fancy, shmansy laptops at CompUSA. The Mrs. and I finally figured out how to link up via Skype and we have been happily webcamming away at night. T-Man thinks it is way cool and he and I conduct our Jedi Light Saber combat via the WWW. he and I back up a few feet and twirl around making "whoosh" sounds while we swing our "Air Sabers". The dogs hear me talking and head for the door thinking that I am at the door to take them for a walk.
I always wanted to do that in Iraq but the insidious firewall there prevented me from being able to do so. I still can't do it from work but since I have Saudi Internet in my room it has none of that protection and I can stream video away. Of course my Norton has stopped two Trojan Horse viruses also that the insidious firewall in Iraq would have blocked. I guess you have to understand security to understand why they do it that way. To have real security you give up some liberties and freedoms. I can deal with that on a temporary basis but not permanently.
I'm at a point right now where I already have to make some decisions. Since this gig is TDY I have to decide what my future course of employment will be. I have several offers on the table. I do NOT want to go back to Iraq and will use that as a last resort unless they pay me scads of money. I do not want to be in any dry country unless it is a set up like here where I can get a beer at least once a week. I'm also really sick and tired of being in hot places all the time. I really desire some seasonal changes other than "Summer" and "Hell". Of course there are working hours too. I don't want anymore 7 days a week, 12 hours a day gigs.
I guess what I really need is for a short war to break out in Poland or Norway. It will then be a Peacekeeping mission with a NATO base so we can have open canteens like Sarajevo had. That or would some one please look for oil in the Bahamas or New Zealand?


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