Sunday, February 24, 2008

I listen


Heard you all loud and clear and family was verbal about it. Change the title, keep blogging, stay away from politics, talk about re-adjusting to being a regular guy again and definitely write about Saudi Arabia once I get there.

I need a catch all title like Dave has so once I get over the hangover I have I will try and think one up.

One of our best friends came into town for the weekend as he is taking his annual Real Estate CEU class. We have know Todd since my sister and I were starving students at Southwest Texas State University (Now Texas State) in the early and mid 80s. Todd is one of life's challenges and we have stuck by him all these years. It was great to see him as I had not seen him since he came to my house in California about 6 years ago.

The bad part is that the Estancia wine flowed, the Sherry Cask CC flowed, the last of my Cuban cigar stash was smoked and we ate a light dinner. My wife passed out, Todd passed out, T-Man (A non drinker BTW, he's only 6!) passed out and the dogs passed out. My sister and I sat outside in the beautiful evening and just talked until almost midnight which is also when the whisky ran dry.

Thank God that we live in the same subdivision so I didn't get a DUI. There is a benefit to being 4 blocks from my sister! Now I have a headache and have to go outside and play on the new trampoline with T-Man.


Anonymous Fritz said...

Sadiq means 'friend'. Sadiq is also the local made drink (mostly made by Expats) and named so for obvious reasons. 'Sheik Sadiq' may fit into a title somehow.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell Sis Sue and Big says hey.

Fritz,Mig is fishbelly white.He doesnt remind me of any Sadiq we met over there !!!!
Love you Brothers.


7:47 PM  
Blogger Captain Nemo said...

Hi there.

What about 'James of Arabia'?

I also thought of something a little more bawdy such as S.S.D.D. (same sand, different day)!

Have a good one.


10:40 AM  

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