Monday, March 03, 2008

Bad for CompUSA, Good for me

I was driving down highway 183 in North Austin on Wednesday on my way to the deli and saw a signboard dude with a sign stating that Comp USA was going out of business and had everything 50% off. I went in and they had everything 50% off except laptops and CPUs which were at varying percentages off.
I have been wanting a new laptop to take with me to Saudi Arabia as the company firewall does not allow streaming video so no webcam action will work. I had been hesitating because I am kind of tight with my money right now but I found an HP Pavilion dv9620 for $739.00 This was marked down from $1200.00. I bought it, a wireless router ( Since it is a wireless laptop that makes sense, right?) and a docking station. I came home fearful that Mrs. MiG was going to be all twisted up. Nope, she wanted one too. Since the store was being mobbed by techies from the Central Texas area I hustled in and found one more identical model new in the box. I bought it too. Now we are both armed with wireless, webcam, 17 inch screen laptops with a remote control for the DVD player.
My sister came over and we showed them to her. Her boyfriend is still in Iraq but he calls her every night. She told him what I had bought and he wanted one too. I warned my sister not to be disappointed as stock was running low but we went and were there Saturday morning at 10:00 when the doors opened. Seems they had a little surprise for everyone. They had brought in laptops from all the other stores that closed and they were 50% off. She wound up buying two of the same computers I had bought for her boyfriend. He will leave one in Iraq and one here in Texas and just carry a hard drive with him. This means that we bought 4 of these identical laptops for our family. I didn't seem weird though as I saw one guy who had 6 laptops he was buying for family.
I found two of those big planter speakers for outdoor use sitting in an aisle. They are the type that have a big speaker in the bottom and you actually place a plant in it. Two of these would be perfect for the deck we are going to build. They were marked $379.00 each and I got them for 80% off.
All in all I bought 2 computers, 2 speakers, two logitech wireless keyboard mouse systems, two laptop stands, two laptop coolers, a photo printer, a business card reader, power supply, surge protector, two cases, docking station, 3 digital picture frames, 4 video cameras, wireless router, two PC wireless PCI adapters, a wireless adapter for our printer, and several different software packages plus three video games. All in all I spent about 40% of retail for all of this. I am a happy camper.
My credit card has not seen this much action in a long time so it means that tomorrows flight to Saudi Arabia now has a bigger purpose. I gotta pay for all of this!


Anonymous Fritz said...

They changed their minds about closing the store near us in Brandon.

Have a safe and successful trip tomorrow. Stay safe, and stay in touch.

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There you go, you have a goal!

Have a good Hajj, looking forward to the updates...


9:00 PM  
Blogger MK said...

All those laptops eh, get to work now ;) as i always say - somebody's got to pay for all this crap.. I'll add you to my blogroll, go well.

1:03 PM  

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