Thursday, January 31, 2008

Final 4

So we are down to this. McCain vs Romney and Hillary vs Obama for the right to pummel all of us about the whole enchilada. This really reminds me of 1996 when it was Clinton-Dole. I'm just not excited about any of these candidates. None of them really represent me or get me excited about any issues. They are not even covering real issues, they are sniping at each other and that is too divisive for me.

I sideline root for Huckabee simply because he is the one who signed my Arkansas Traveler certificate which was awarded to me by the 39th Brigade Combat Team, Arkansas NG. He is really a bit too religious for my tastes.

Hillary is a proven liar but at least we know that going in instead of being body slammed by it as we discovered with W. Obama is way too liberal for me and he will get the entire minority vote simply because of skin tone and the Kennedy connection.

McCain seems to be nasty and spiteful and I think he is a closet Democrat. Romney is a Mormon. That alone disqualifies him for me. I worked for a Mormon owned company and listened to their prostelytizing. It is a kooky religion and I'm sorry but I just can't follow a leader who really thinks that Jesus Christ cames to the Indians of upper state NY after he was crucified in Roman Palestine. Oh yeah, there is that whole golden tablet thing which is a big pill to swallow also.

OK. We have to choose. Most of us will simply follow party lines and either vote Republican or Democrat as always. I don't. Even though I am a foreign policy and fiscal policy conservative I am moderate when it comes to individual rights and law. I am liberal when it comes to women's rights and freedom of the press. At the same time I am fierce about my rights to own a weapon even though I have no problems with registration. How weird is all that?

Can't I just vote all four of them in on a power sharing ballot like they do in the UK?


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