Friday, August 10, 2007

Marines 1 - Murtha 0

Pundit Review has a terrific article and blog roll on the fact that Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt was exonerated on charges of murder in Iraq. First of all, it is a war zone and $hit happens there. Secondly, it ain't Vietnam and no matter how many times those of us who have seen that particular Elephant say it, there are those that don't believe it. I think my buddy Fritz may have the best take on all of this if he will comment on it.
Here below is the reply I posted on Pundit review regards the situation.
How can Justin Sharratt stay in the Marines after this? Can he ever overcome this and get on with his career? I think he is made of strong stuff (All Marines are) and hope to God that he sticks it out to be the face that wins the fight. How many young men and women will be dismayed by this and decide to not be part of the few and proud out of fear of persecution from their own government? Enemies of the state exist in many places and sometimes they are from within. Murtha should be ashamed for his actions. He should not be re-elected. Who do I send a donation to for "None Of The Above" for his district at the next election? Even better, who is better to represent us in Congress; an embittered washed up hack job specialist like Murtha or a exonerated and proven warrior and volunteer to his country like Justin Sharatt? DRAFT SHARRATT FOR CONGRESS!!!!!


Anonymous Fritz said...

Hope you don't regret asking for this.
What happened to Justin and all Marines, Seabees, Seals, Rangers, Air Force, Army, Navy, Army Corp of Engineers and all the civilians such as you is a matter of disgrace that should not be tolerated by any of us. Murtha certainly should know better than to act the way he did and the only thing I can think of that may be a reason for his action is that he took one too many pogo stick hits to the head when he was in boot camp! For sure the circuits are all screwed up in his head as evidenced from his ranting. Hell, even the Democrats and the drive by media threw him overboard along with Cindy Sheehan. There is where the real problem is - starting with the press who I believe have the DemocRATS dancing on the end of a string like puppets. We have to beware of the fact that they are so easily willing to do such an injustice to Justin and his fellow combat soldiers while at the same time offering column after column and frame after frame of support and encouragement to the enemy.

To Justin and all the Veterans of this war on terrorism (both from with-in and outside our borders) I encourage you not to loose faith. I want to ask you all to seriously consider joining ranks with each other through Veterans organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, and American Veterans (AMVETS) which are national organizations that are intended to protect your rights and benefits. Join them all, strength in numbers is what will assure your rights and benefits are protected. Especially if a Democratic President and Congress gain full control. These groups have helped many and as a life member of all three of the major groups it is my belief that as much good as they have done to date their need will be even greater for this new generation of soldier and combat veteran.

Justin and family, my heart is grateful for you and what strength you have shown over the last period of trial by the press and Murtha. I wish you all the best and will include you especially in our prayers along with those sons and daughters who are in harms way today. God Bless you - Semper Fi from an old Seabee.

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Anonymous Fritz said...

We may have heard and read this before but it is worth repeating.

"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged." Spoken by President Abraham Lincoln, during the War Between the States.

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