Tuesday, July 24, 2007

R&R, Yabba Dabba Doo

I am on R&R. I had a miserable trip here. We circled Heathrow for two hours and than sat on the runway another two hours waiting on a slot to open at at Jetway. English weather you know, just bad luck. Anyways, the flight to Chicago was delayed but the connection was not so I got to stay overnight in Chicago.

One day at the house trying to cram in a haircut, shopping, and a baseball game before blasting out of the driveway early Sunday morning for a drive (4 hours) to the cruise port. We are on a monster cruise ship and it took 4 hours to check in, about as long as the drive.

Last night was formal night and my son dropped my very expensive DSLR so now the shutter release will not trip. Not a great start so far.

Oh yeah, forgot to add. I bought my wife a 22 carat gold hand made bracelet in Kuwait and the response I got was "Oh that's nice." My next R&R may be me alone in the Alps with some sticks on my feet.


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Hmmm...Bon Voyage just doesn't seem to fit with this story...

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