Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to Terra Firma

We made it back from the Caribbean after all. We visited Jamaica where we just went to Doctor's Cave Beach and spent the day while other passengers endured long bus rides on terrible roads to go to Dunn's River Falls and the like which are located in Ocho Rios. Being that we have been to Jamaica 5 times before we skipped all that and just lounged on the beach drinking Red Stripes at 6 for $10.00 US. Another couple with children that we know were on board with us so we hung with them all day.

The next day was Grand Cayman Island. We had not been back since 2000 when we were there for Thanksgiving Week. There are more buildings than before and it even has a Hard Rock Cafe. We took the T-Man to Stingray City. He loved it. He got to hold a Stingray and kissed one too. This was an important child development stop for us as he was terrified after hearing about the Crocodile Hunter being killed by one.I got sunblock in my eyes and could not see for a while. I had been there before so it was not so important for me to hold a Stingray. We had lunch at a place called Breezes and it came to $143.00 US. This is why we had never come back to Grand Cayman. It is super expensive.

Last stop was Cozumel but we never even set foot on that island. A tender took us straight from the dock and we ferried to the mainland to catch a bus to Tulum. Tulum is an impressive site and is deserving of a visit bu everyone. Our guide was wonderful and knew the history inside out. The fact that it as about 95 Fahrenheit and about 95% humidity led to a sweltering day. The guide told us we could swim at the beach if we wanted to. My wife did not as she did not wear any swimming gear but the boy and I were wearing board shorts so we dashed down into the surf to cool off.

Two days sailing back and then a 3 hour car trip and we are at home. My Father-In-Law came over and he and I started rum tasting. We found out that anyone who is a Texas resident can only bring back one liter of liquor but if you are from any other state you can bring back 5 liters. I have a California driver's license and am a legal resident of Kuwait so I was allowed 5 plus one for the missus. I actually bought 7 liters at the duty free and forgot the count but when I got to customs I flashed my DoD ID card and the customs agent started flipping through my passport. He looked at me and asked "Baghdad?" I said "Yep." He then just smiled and said "Enjoy".

I get two days here and then am off to London for a couple of days. No shows this time. I have seen all the ones I wanted to see so I will try and catch The London Walks Jack the Ripper Tour.


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Oooh, see if you can get the camera fixed so you can take pics of the Jack the Ripper tour.

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