Wednesday, May 24, 2006

1st Taji MilBlogger Conference

Today was the first meeting we have had with all the Taji (THERE - I said it; TAJI!) MilBloggers that we know of. The fearsome foursome are Moi, Dave's Not Here, Casper's Calamity, and Talking Salmons. After reading each other's blogs for some time we all finally got together for the finest in geek food, that being Taco Bell.

Casper is allergic to air and tomatoes so he was miffling about in in the bags getting his meat beaters all over everyone else's food stuff and Dave took over trying to distribute the fare equally. I think Dave got punked because I wound up with his triple super duper, everything including some Consuela taco. Thanks Dave, it was really good.

For my take, Dave is the best photographer, Salmon is the best writer, Casper is the best geek, and I just tell it like it is. Maybe we can all collaborate on a project sometime soon. Then again this is not the French Army so collaboration may not be our strongest suit.

Dave took some photos but he has to embed some sort of 25,000 year half life, sonic, nuclear, Buckaroo Banzai Yoyodyne Propulsion designed tracker into the photo before he will turn loose of it. I think he wants his Great, Great, Great, Grandchildren to have royalty rights or something. DAVE! Wake up, you will be dead and they will be rich! What's up with that?

The meeting was refreshing as it is always invigorating to have candid discussions with other sentient beings. We did come to the conclusion that the solution to all our issues was the number 42.

BTW - Since I have let the cat out of the bag about where I am located you can read all about it at


Blogger Dinah Lord said...

'not the French Army so collaboration may not be our strongest suit' - hysterical.

Off to

Cheers - Dinah

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Fritz said...

Well, I can't vouch for all of you but from what I know of 50% of you the floor got slippery unless you were wearing the right rubber boots, about knee high. Must have been quite a session. Question is, If you all do decide to get together for a project (the idea is interesting on the surface) what would you best base it on? I guess that might depend on the "other 50% of your collaboration" and not knowing who they are I would guess it would have to be about the love affairs you wish you had but didn't have because you were 'travelin'. I don't know, just thought I would throw that out there and start the process!
Love ya all, stay safe.

9:57 AM  

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