Thursday, April 27, 2006

Detrius of War

I have been happily snap, snap, snapping away with my new camera and have taken about 7 million unremarkable shots and maybe 6 or 7 I really like. This is one of them. This is abandoned Iraqi armor left in place in 2003 and is still there. I really wish I was better on photo shop. I am compressing the photos so I can load them on the blog but it really does no justice as these are SHARP. These are two Soviet made BMP armored personnel carriers and a Soviet made T-55 tank. It is early 60's technology and was trying to fight 21st Century warfighters. These Iraqis were smart. They saw what was coming and DD'd outta there!

The detrius of war was all over in 2003 and up until last year. It is all being cleaned up and everyone who comes now does not get to see the sights we saw. It is not sad but it is a change in the way we look at the place and does change the historical perspective. I am now trying to recreate a lot of the photos I took with lower resolution cameras.

What I can't wait for is October so I can take several thousand photos of T-Man and Carren in London. I am looking forward to this trip. He is big enough that he is self-ambulatory and does not have to be carried. He will love Kewes Gardens and the Zoo. Carren will love the palaces and museums. I will love the beer.


Anonymous JCP said...

Hiya, Thorny!

Still sticking it out at Taji, eh?
I'm still hanging out in beautiful, downtown Baghdad - four days away from R&R.

Someone sent me a link that had your blog in it. People have asked me to do a blog. Maybe when I get back, I'll give it a shot.

Take care and stay safe,

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Caught your blog after a comment at Grizzly Mama.
One way to retain image sharpness is to step the digital images down in steps instead of one big leap - like going down a staircase instead of stepping off a 6-foot curb.
Add a sharpening effect *lightly* once or twice between the other steps - depending on which Photoshop version - I don't know if LE has a sharpen filter or what you've got.
When you make it smaller it reduces the file-size, so don't throw that away by compressing it. You can still save the resolution and sharpness by saving the .jpeg at max resolution - it doesn't earn that much extra to compress it. I load 160-170KB photos all the time - but that might be a pain if you're on dialup... Feel free to email me if you want, I used to have a job doing Photoshop stuff.
Thanks for being over there, and for whatever the hell you're doing, and stay safe.

7:39 PM  
Blogger flythemig29 said...

Thanks for the photo tips dirtcrashr. They are much appreciated. Once I finish doing what I do over here I am going to write all about it. I can't until then though.

8:32 AM  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

I understand how you can't write all about it, besides there's only so many hours in the day! Pictures help to recall things and events, so they're a good resource. I'm scanning-in some old pictures, from a strip of negatives that my dad took before I was born, when he and mom lived overseas. It's a kick to see my old man as a late twenty-something - I'm older than him (in the pictures) already, but he looks more mature than I did at that age...

11:38 PM  

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