Monday, May 08, 2006

Wall of Sand

Sand storms are one of the things that happen here from time to time. Today we were hit with the wall of sand. One of the cleaning girls came in saying it was coming and I went outside to look. I could see this raging cauldron descending upon us at warp speed so I ran to my hootch to get my camera. This photo was taken while I was jogging back. Its a good thing my new keno jet spiffy Konica Minolta has the anti shake system built in or this would have been blurry.

I kept wondering when Brendan Frasier was going to come flying out in a biplane being chased by Mummies. I watch too many movies!

I'm glad this is all the excitement we have today. The news focuses on all the bad things happening in Iraq but for us it has been very, very quiet of late. Thats a good thing. I had all the excitement I wanted in 2003-04-05.


Anonymous Fritz said...

Amen brother. May getting the sand out of the crack of your butt be the biggest worry you have for the rest of your stay.
Keep up the good work. Proud to know ya.

8:43 AM  

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