Thursday, February 09, 2006

So a reporter was injured and that means....??????

I am concerned about Bob Woodruff. I am concerned that he is being used as a tool of the left to drum up even more hysteria about the situation over here. Sure, I feel bad for him and his family but no more so or less than I do for ANY Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman who has been injured or killed. Why is this news but the deaths of three Iraqi Soldiers who were killed in almost the exact same spot just yesterday any less newsworthy?

What the hell is wrong with the media? I support the media and their right to publish opinion but they have skewed this to slant so far towards a political agenda as to make themselves completely unobjective and untrustworthy. I support the role of the media to REPORT but am outraged when they attempt to slant or color the news to suit the agenda of a poltical viewoint.

Maybe I am naive. Maybe I remember all the lessons about objectivity that were pounded in my brain in Journalism class. Maybe I am angry at the press for not helping the situation. Maybe I am angry because I see a different war. Maybe I am angry because I am a patriot. I don't fully understand the machinations of the MSM but I do know that they are not popular with the troops and that most of us feel like the are a 5th column instead of the 5th Estate.

For a good report on the Bob Woodruff situation here is a link to Ollie North's opinion. Ollie may be a lot of things but he is very, very sharp and a good writer.


Blogger Good Lieutenant said...

God Bless You and yours, Sir. We Thank You for your service and selfless sacrifice.

You are FAR from alone in your perceptions.

The good news is that I hear ruminations and mullings of fear and loathing in my J-School grad classes from both teachers and students EVERY CLASS, and that means that journalists are actually being taken to task for what they publish - we know it, they know it and they don't like it. They've never had to answer to anyone, and now they do.

And that is good news for you, me and the press in general.

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