Sunday, February 05, 2006

Islamic Outrage

Cartoons. Friggin cartoons. People wonder why we can't have meaningful dialoge with the insurgents. Here is a prime example. 1 billion uneducated, fanatical, fatalistic people willing to die for their .......religion. Yeah, over a cartoon. How many times have you seen the Christian God, Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, and other gods parodied? How many times have you seen something that is explicitly against your religious scruples and been made angry? Did you riot? Did you burn a building with innocent people inside? Did you state that they all deserved to die?

I think not. A true "religion of peace" would not allow that. There are so many contradictions in Islam that they make the Mormons look sagacious and wise. I know that by our incessant pandering to the leaders of this morass we just make it linger. Making statements like those from the US government give them the upper hand. Saying that it is wrong to hurt their feelings is BS. They try to kill my friends every day. We try to kill them. I could give a damn about their feelings. This is a war. Did we make apologies to the Japanese after Pearl Harbor? Hell no, we rallied and kicked their ass. That is what we have to continue to do now. Have we forgotten the two fisted sucker punch we took in 2001?

I wish our press had the big brass ones that the New Zealand press does. They came out and ran the cartoons and said that no one will tell them what they can and cannot print. Isn't that one of the foundations of our own revolution? Did we not fight, bleed, and die for freedom of speech and press?

Props to the Prime Minister of Denmark. He has not wavered so far. He knows this is a king sized mess but has not backed off about press freedom. Just as the press has the freedom to not agree with the war or the government, they must also be allowed to disagree with religions.

The ONLY thing that will change all of this is education and economic development. I have been to many Muslim countries and I can tell you straight up that the ones with secular goverment and good educational systems don't have these riots. They have fringe elements but not whole populations dedicated to wiping out or burning off of anything they deem to be offensive to their religion.

I read yesterday that this war is going to be one of the Long Wars. The 100 years war, 30 years war, Napoleonic Wars, Japanese-Chinese war were all long wars as were several of the crusades. A long war runs over generations. This is one. This will not stop until we are all dead or converted, they are all dead or converted, or we educate and develop.

This is why the fight here is so important. If we succeed here, we can succeed anywhere and we give hope to those who understand what we are trying to do. If we fail our way of life and the world as we know and hope for are in for a long,long struggle against an intransigent enemy dedicated to our destruction. I don't know about you but Democracy and a free press sound more comforting than theological dictatorship.


Anonymous SGT Tom said...

hey there, I just read a comment from you on B5. drop me a line at I have a question for you. I'm a fellow soldier deployed over here and I wanted to pick your brain a little. So, if you've got a chance, hit it up. Thanks.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Fritz said...

For many in the Muslim world the crusades were never over. What we (you in particular) are in the middle of is just a continuation of what King Richard did not finish.

As different the sides are between the Islamist and Christians it is almost as alarming to see and hear the differences between politicians here in the USA. It is amazing how different two peoples views on the world can be. When you think about it hope for all to agree seems slim to none.

I sometimes think of it as this. There are 360degrees plus minutes and seconds from which to look at an object in the center. Each of those views are different from one to the other. If only by a second. The key is to put all of those different views into a concensus of what the object looks like. Hard to do.

You mention how long this war will be with us. I believe you are right and that as President Bush stated, this war will be around for many Presidents after him. The general population of the USA does not want to accept that. They are hoping that it will simply go away and one morning they will wake up and it will all have been a dream. Nightmare is more like it.

Some of us do appreciate what is happening and are most greatful to those of you who are in harms way in order to stave off the offensive being waged albeit centuries old. May God be with you all and keep your lines strong.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

There are so many contradictions in Islam that they make the Mormons look sagacious and wise.

Oh cripes!! That is too funny!!

8:52 PM  

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