Tuesday, February 07, 2006

For all you Insomniacs

All of us, well just about all of us, use continuing education as a means of advancement or just to stay on top of our chosen professions. I made a career change a few years back when I started this "Be the Army's tail" task and had to do some rapid catch up. Like a lot of people I am self taught in many areas.

I decided I needed to read more official books, regulations, articles, etc about the Army and have muddled through some incredibly boring stuff. It really is the cure for Insomnia. Keep a copy of TB Med 530 by your bedside and read up on water and food handling. Try the QASUS manual on ammo storage and handling or my new favorite, the "Combat Service Support Guide, 4th Edition".

If you have trouble sleeping forget about pills. Just get down to your local PX or gubment' book store and pick one up. It knocks me out every night. At this rate I may be finished with it by the end of the year!


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