Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Taji Crud

It's that time of year again. It's time for almost 20% of us to infect each other with an upper respiratory condition we lovingly call the Taji Crud. We work in close proximity and when one person gets it, every person gets it. I think I got it from my friend Nasty (David to some) when he was ill and I drove him to the PX and back. I think that as I have still been in a weakened state from the three days with no sleep travel debacle that I was susecptible to it.

One of the guys in my cell had it and it put him down for two days. He is a tough old retired NCO and is just not the type to ever shirk any duties but when he went down they were worried he might be getting pneumonia and took him for X-Rays. Of course once his X-Rays came back negative the first thing he did was spark up a cigarette.

I went to the medic and was examined and given several different colors of pills to take at different times. I just wish I had some Robitussin and a case on Nyquill. Thank God I bought some Ricola last time I was in Switzerland. I have been chewing those all day.

Anyway, I sit in my room wrapped in a blanket sweating and pounding gatorade to counter it. I have had three people bring me food and I am just not hungry at all. It is all in the fridge. I will get over it and life will be back to normal but for now I just wish I was in that big sleigh bed in Round Rock being nursed by my wife.


Anonymous Fritz said...

Since I first went to Iraq I get a case of the "Crud" twice a year. Once at this time and once in late October early November. It would be interesting to know if 'others' who are no longer there are also experiencing anything similar.

My Dad always used to say that you would need " a good sweat over a live corpse". He also had a 'Hot Toddy' that seemed to work well. It never failed that after about four of them you always felt better.(At least for a few hours!)

Hope you get better soon.


7:24 AM  

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