Thursday, September 22, 2005

8 days and a wake up...Maybe

I am a single digit midget from leaving here for R&R. I count 8 days and a wake up but there may be a little hitch as I may have to go to another site for a briefing before I leave. We will see. I am ready too. The fact that I have so much less stress than last year has made me soooooo much calmer but I still am chomping at the bit to get away for a while.

Carren and T-Man are ready too. She is doing her usual planning and packing (How she gets that much in a bag is beyond me) and T-Man is telling Knock-Knock jokes and asking about the Hot Tub. He really liked the Hot Tub on the cruise ship and was disappointed we were not going on it again until he found out that we have a Hot Tub at the resort in Jamaica.

I have not planned like I usually do. Part of it is because every place I am going I have been before. Dubai, Jamaica, and the UK. I will spend a couple of days in Dubai just drinking beer and unwinding and the fly to meet Carren and the boy in Miami. We continue from there to Negril for 7 days and then 2 days in Mo'Bay. I leave there for the UK where I will spend 3 days in Cambridge. I am going bicycle riding and to attend the last air show of the season at Duxford.

When I called American Airlines about us all sitting together on the Miami-Mo'Bay flight the lady was most helpful. She automatically upgraded us to First Class and the way she did it was to change T-Man to a Gold level frequent flier. I have been Gold on American for a while but she made him Gold and Carren remains regular. He is probably the only 4 year old Gold level member in their system. I can't wait to check him in.

I also rejoined the AA Admirals Club for us all. It is not cheap but we all have club privileges at airports world wide. When you fly like we do that is huge. The airport at DFW, Miami, and London all have kids rooms, internet, bars, showers, leather chairs, etc. It just takes some of the pain out of travel. Plus you have a private check in desk so you don't have to stand at the gate waiting. If you travel international I highly recommend that you look into joining a club.


Anonymous Fritz said...

OH the life of a HOBO! Hope you have a good run and none of the damn hurricanes that have been knocking at our door and in some cases knocking them down. How much longer you going to do this gig? Whatever, best of luck to you and yours and have a good vacation.

1:15 AM  

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