Friday, August 19, 2005

R&R Plans

One thing about this life is that it gives you the opportunity to have some great vacations. We (Carren, Tanner, and I) are planning our third trip to Jamaica in as many years. We are comfotable there. Noel Coward was the one who called it "Dr. Jamaica" for the sense of healing he got from the place. Sure it has crime and poverty but so does anyplace in the world except maybe Dubai. The trick is avoiding the areas where this exists. Jamaica relies on tourism so they take pains to keep the tourist areas safe.

We are trying a different Beaches resort. This time we will go to Sandy Bay. It is a much smaller resort than the last one we stayed at outside of Ocho Rios. We will stay there for 7 days and then stay in Montego Bay proper for 2 more days. Beaches is owned by Sandals and it is a first rate experience. They really take care of everything and we love the all inclusive, no tipping policy. They have all the Sesame Street stuff for the Little Guy so he in entertained while we scuba, snorkel, etc. We loved the cruise but it was all about planning around a feeding schedule wheras the beach thing is planning around a drinking schedule.

I will start by having 2 days in Dubai to drink and drown and then fly to Jamaica. It's an easy route as there are nonstops to London and Air Jamaica flies non stop to MoBay. After the 9 days in Jamaica I will go to London and stay in the UK for 4 days, taking in the last air show of the year in Duxford. Duxford is just outside of Cambridge and is only 90 minutes away from London by train.

The Dubai stop is try and make up for the last one. We scheduled to stay in Dubai for 2 days and did not get to because we were trapped in Baghdad in a sand storm. We had 19 hours in Dubai and it was a miserable time really as we were all so tired and hot. Maybe this time we will finally get a chance to do the Desert Safari or hit Wild Wadi water park.

My buddy Dave is traveling with me through Dubai and then he is just going straight to England. He has an old girlfriend in Sudbury which is also close to Cambridge. He will stay there and we will link up on my arrival. Pubs, Fish and Chippy shoppes, and WWII airplanes. It doesn't get much better than that.


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