Friday, October 12, 2007

Navy Birthday

Since I live, breathe, eat, sleep Army I don't often say anything about the other branches of service. The Navy has been doing their part over here. All Corpsmen (Medics) with the Marines are Navy personnel. Navy personnel supply SeaBee construction efforts, contracting officers, base security, etc. My Nephew's good friend Ryan is in the Navy now and I remember how proud he was the night he told me that he had joined. I was proud of him too. I told him that he was about to become a member of a fraternity that no one else would ever be able to enter unless they experienced it themselves. I last saw him two years ago and every sailor I see reminds me of him. I have seen naval personnel at every base I have been posted to and this one is no exception.

I have been in An Nasariyah for the past few days floating between Tallil (Adder) Air Base and Cedar II. Not much to see here except the Ziggurat but I will comment on that tomorrow. I wanted to take the time today to honor the sailors here who risk their lives everyday and to show that even though the only water around comes out of a deep well, we still think about our sea going friends. Happy Birthday USN. Here is what the DFAC staff has whipped up in your honor.


Anonymous Fritz said...

Having served in the Navy Seabees it was such an honor for me to work with the Seabees, Lt. Wood and Lt. Scott while in Iraq in 04'. These "Bees" are certainly a much better trained Seabee (not sailors!) then we were in the late 60's and early 70's. I encourage every young man or women that I meet and they are interested in the military service to see their local recruiter about the Seabees. Surprising how few now about them.

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Blogger David M said...

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