Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Down to 2 bags

I am down to 2 bags. I shipped a couple of footlockers up North to my TDY station for some bit of comfort. It is stuff like a coffee maker, blankets, water pot, extra boots, books, DVDs, etc. I have my clothing in a Bug Out bag and a suitcase. I gave my TV and DVD player to the Filipina girl who has been cleaning my room. I bought it from the guy who was there before me and I hardly used it at all. She was touched that I gave it to her. She can take it home or sell it, either way I don't care and it is better than me forking out a cash tip for her. I am going up and doing the job but I spoke to Mrs. MiG today and she is 100% behind me to do this. I just need the break before I break.
The best part about this is that I will get to watch my USC Trojans at a regular time instead of 03:00. College Football means Fall and Fall is my favorite time of the year. While the leaves don't turn colors in Texas like they do in other places I will still be able to enjoy some cool weather, BBQ, college football and my son's 6th birthday.


Blogger vikkidreams said...

Hey ! I haven't read your blog in awhile. I guess I needed a break too. I only say that cause I'm sure you didn't know this but...while my son was in Iraq I regualrly read your blog. It helped me feel better. He came home in March and I needed a break from military things for a time.
anway... I hope you get to go home soon. I just wanted to thank you for helping this very proud miltary mom know things were gonna be ok.
God Bless !

11:46 PM  

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