Saturday, October 06, 2007

Whose God?

I have fallen back in the Iraq groove. That means everything sand colored except the ACUs the soldiers wear. I don't see how these things are good for cammo except for hiding in river rock which we have in abundance. The new USAF cammies are even worse. Digital Tiger Stripe. It looks terrible and the horizontal stripes make them all look fat.

This scorpion is made of wood and is located out at the fuel farm. It was built about 4 years ago out of scrap. It is probably about 6 feet long so when you get up to it the size is almost SciFi. For now my photo opportunities are very limited. I finally got my DSLR out of the shop and it is working fine but I just can't carry it around here as I walk everywhere. I'm glad I finally bought a pocket camera for myself. I did that right after my last R&R when it dawned on me that once my DSLR was down i had nothing to take photos with. For a shutterbug like me, that is not a good thing to happen.
I have an observation to make though. Whose version of God/Allah is more powerful? As you can see above there is a mortar roof installed above the Christian Chapel but when you look at the Mosque, it needs no protection from mortars.

I know Haji is not a good shot so I am not convinced that he misses the mosque on purpose but it is amazing that it has never been hit. Makes you wonder just whose God is more powerful. When you consider that all Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship the same God and are all children of Abraham you start to see the absolute futility of it all. No God is more powerful than any other. It's the same dude!


Anonymous Fritz said...

Taking pictures is one thing that I never did do very much of and wish I had done more. From time to time I wish I had taken more pictures of the work I had done, especially the Perfume palace, the swimming pool the horse tac found in the warehouse and other things. I didn't bring anything back with me except a couple of T-shirts and they are about wore out or "shrunk". The one thing that hasn't wore out is my memory of friends and the pictures and memories in my mind are high quality. Sometimes when I run the slide show in my mind I can't help but smile and once in a while a chuckle will come out. It is a silent video show so when I have some of the facial reactions to the memories that I do, the bartender threatens to cut me off!

5:29 PM  
Blogger David M said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know where lifes jurney will send us next but you can bet the first thing I pack is my new FOX HAT! Fritz?


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