Thursday, June 21, 2007

"He just need a good a$$ kicking."

I am trying to imagine the world outcry in the MSM if an Iranian Diplomat had been set upon and beaten in public in Washington, D.C. In today's Kuwaiti Times they describe just such an attack in Theran upon a Kuwaiti diplomat.

The dude was just walking down the street when a group of the Iranian Neoislamofascist government sponsored thugs set upon him and whupped him good. At least that is the way my dad would say it. What they really did was smack him around like they would one of their women, leaving some marks on his face so that they could send a message to Kuwait that the government of Iran is pretty ticked off at the Kuwaiti government.

This is all about regional politics. The Kuwaitis are our allies because while many of them may have short memories regarding the 1991 Gulf War, their senior government staffers and their Royal Family do not. Had it not been for GWB the 1st the Kuwaiti Royals would be like the Greek and Albanian royal families. Just a bunch of rich homeless people. They know who is their real friend. The Iranians on the other hand, have not forgotten that Kuwait backed Iraq in the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s and gave the Iraqis umpteen bazillion petrodollars for the fight.

Draw your own conclusions but state sanctioned thuggery invariably leads to a suffocating level of totalitarianism which is exactly what Iran is heading toward. Our struggles with and in Iraq are paltry compared to what it would be with Iran. They scare the crap out of every Arab government over here. At the end of the day, if the Iranians rattle the saber enough, the Arabs may just wake up and say, "You know, the Americans and Brits are not so bad. Maybe we should concentrate on the looming 800 pound gorilla right across the gulf."


Blogger David M said...

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Anonymous Fritz said...

Having lived in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for some time (13 years)I know that the Iranians enjoyed easy travel to and from Kuwait's Dow Market until shortly after the 1991 war. They started running so many drugs into Kuwait that a fence had to be put up around the Dow port. There is a lot of interweaving of families between Iran and Kuwait and other Emirates states as well. But that is only used by the Iranian government to try to get a foothold into the Shiite neighborhoods so as to have a base to overthrow the ruling families. From 1979 on the Arab Gulf states have been under constant attack by the Iranian. In Saudi Arabia for example many westerners thought that the heavy patrolling on the coast and inland borders was primarily to stop the smuggling of booze into Saudi but in fact it was to intercept the smuggling of arms to the Shiite in the Eastern Province around Al Hasa and Al HofHof where the main concentration of Shiites (and oil) are in Saudi Arabia.
I think we should (if we are not already) be concentrating on undermining the Iranian regime from with-in and let them go at each other and stay directly outside in support.

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