Friday, June 15, 2007

Iraqi Editorial Cartoons

Its been a while since I have posted but I am just jamming these days. It seems that I have no time for myself let alone anything as all consuming as taking my random thoughts and transcribing them to the keyboard.

I generally don't post just to post. I only do it when I think I have something to be said or when I need to get something off my chest.

Right now we are in the middle of yet another cycle of incoming and outgoing units. I feel like I have seen every unit patch in the Army now. I'm actually getting pretty good at identifying even the 1001 National Guard units that cycle through.

I guess that all I could say today is summed up in these two cartoons. A spook type friend of mine sent these to me. Its a sad, sad comment on the state of affairs up North. When we first got here in 2003 we were so full of hope and just knew that the shooting would be over in a couple of months.
OK, I'll admit it. We were wrong. We misjudged the enemy. We misidentified the enemy. We should have shot the journalists. Had we done so and then just kept them ALL out this would have been over. Like a lot of other conflicts we have won every fight and battle but lost the media war the day we rolled into the country.
I detest the media. I loath them. My brothers and sisters are still dying because they all want "The Story." They stand on a balcony in the Green Zone with their backs to Baghdad and speak as if they have actually been out on the street. They are cowards who will not even leave the Green Zone where there is AC, swimming pools, beer, and TV. They don't ride in a HUMMWV on a convoy mission at night. They don't walk the side of a stream zigging and zagging up and down the banks looking for trip wires or electronic sensors for IEDs. They don't carry a plastic rifle with underpowered rounds against an enemy who shoots .30 caliber (7.62) on "Spray and Pray".
AND....they have not a drop of ball sweat for bravery when it comes to the Iraqis who drew these cartoons. These people could be, may be, probably will be kidnapped and the shot, beheaded, or worse.
Ask me how I really feel.


Anonymous Fritz said...

Four years are starting to show, I feel for you Buddy. You have to keep your priorities and know what you are doing is the right thing. I know you miss your family but I don't know if you could take being back here right now. It is so hard to keep my sanity when one reads and listens to the talking heads on the major networks. I know, I can turn them off but it is like a punishment to listen to what BS they are dribbling today. Take for an example President Bush and his supposed ratings with the American public. The media likes to tell us how low it is but will not tell us that Congress and particularly Harry Reid / Nancy Polosie have ratings even lower than President Bush. These are tough times here and to be frank with you I would very much like to see some of the civil strife break out here that our troops are trying to control there.
Hang in there Garfield. You are doing the right thing and despite the efforts of some, no one can take that away from you.

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