Monday, May 07, 2007

The Rock

Ali Al-Salem Air Base is a KAF (Kuwait Air Force) base located smack dab in the middle of the country. When you consider that the country is only the size of Connecticut you can understand that it makes it literally an matter of minutes before anything going or coming crosses the border and then is overhead.

As a result of this proximity the Iraqis bombed the crap out of it when they invaded and they set up shop. We bombed more crap out of it and then when we invaded we set up shop. A a result of this it still has bunkers with huge gaping maws atop the structures and they are mostly off limits.

This base in now the home of the USAF in the region and has an Army LSA (Life Support Area) also. Since the base is co-occupied by the Army, Air Force, KAF, Australian Air Force, Korean Air Force and remnants of Japanese and others it is the most international base here in Kuwait.

AASAB is affectionly known as "The Rock" by those who serve there. Compared to most military installations is is cush. It has first class DFACs, MWR facilities and a BX/PX. Paved roads, running lanes and hard stand buildings for barracks combine to make it a place compared to other bases.

It is very secure and remote and only a few folks are allowed to go there. I make regular trips out there so I am indeed one of the few. This photo is the only Kodak Moment sign I can find in Kuwait. I see a constant parade of people getting their photos there and I see unit formations in front of it. It is one of the few places you can take a picture of an airbase over here and not be put in jail.


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