Friday, April 20, 2007

French Elections

I normally could care less about French politics because it generally does not matter to me what the French think but this time I have taken a keen interest in the Presidential elections becuase of the things that two main candidates are saying. These two could not be more disparate and are even farther apart in ideologue than Bush and Kerry were 2 years ago.

Nicolas Sarokzy and Segolene Royal are the main candidates. Sarkozy is a little too far to the right for my tastes and Royal is your typical European Socialist. He is a Trans -Atlantic advocate (Pro-America) and she, of course, thinks that everything wrong in the world is the fault of American foriegn policy.
Her stance did not bother me too much until I listened to their closing speeches. He was leaning more toward concilliation with the center and she stated that she was not going to listen to the USA and that France should lead Europe on a course away from America.

OK baby. You get what you want. We don't need you and we damn sure don't need any more self important, bloated ego French Presidents mucking up the works like have been in power since Georges Pompeidou. You stay away from us and we will stay away from you. No tourism from me!


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