Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dubai Minaret

I'm sitting and waiting on word from a mission my guys are on. I can't be everywhere and sometimes I just sit and wait to hear what has transpired. It's worse than being there. You have no control, no real time info, no feel for what is going on.
Even though I know that what they are doing has minimal hazard and risk I still worry because I am not there to watch over them. I guess I act like Mother Hen sometimes but that is just my nature. I think I picked it up from my Grandmother.
While I sit and wait I am filing old photos. Some old, some not so old. This is a shot I took in Dubai a couple of years ago. It was dusk and I saw the golden light radiating from this mosque minaret. The long rays of the sun had just ceased and there is no direct lighting but there is still enough ambient light to detail everything during that brief twilight period when everything is blue before going black.
I like the striping effect on the lower rim of the eave where the gold light shines from through the arches. Also there is the sunburst pattern under the ledge where there is a decorative penetration.


Blogger Captain Nemo said...

Hi James.

Beautiful photo!

You've really got into the groove with that new camera of yours and taken some great shots.

You and Dave have both really got the 'eye'.

Short message today - just about to pack to head back north.

Look after yourself and I'll chat again soon.

Warmest regards,


2:19 AM  
Blogger Ahmed said...

We are not wacky , we taught your grandfathers how to read and write , and a homeless like you , hanging in countries being hammered by your bossed to suck up the money , have no f*** right to call us "wacky"

10:56 AM  

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