Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Help me Mr. Wizard!

Anyone remember that nutty lizard on the Bullwinkle show that would always get himself in trouble and be spinning around in a comic cosmic swirl yelling, "Help me Mr. Wizard, help me!"?

OK, I'm old, I know it. Anyway,I found his cousins. They live on Iguana Cay in Turks & Caicos.

This is an uninhabited islet which has been populated by thousands of Iguanas and the occasional Labrador Retriever. Seems the little green guys decided that there were just too many tourists on Provodenciales so they took off for a better way of life, more rustic and primitive, sort of like what hippies do. The Labs go just because it is a nice swim from Provo.

We took the official government tour and it was actually really a neat day out. the weather was awesome and the water was crystal clear that day. Of course the next day a Nor' Eastern blew in and wiped out all visibility in the water.

The tour takes you along a boardwalk so the wanna be Ninja Turtles can scurry about without you accidentally treading on them and without certain little 5 year old boys chasing them. I grabbed these shots at the beach on the way out. The government tour guide has some of them named and this big guy is named Rocky. He is sort of the official greeter. He is an alpha male and has quite the harem.

They look scary but are pretty much harmless and offer no fight. They are just curious about all these big pasty white folks who wander along these boards all the time.

After the Iguana tour we went to a beach to hunt for Conch shells. On the way we saw this Stingray swimming in the shallows. I thought this was a good shot considering all the sun glare off of the water.


Blogger BWJones said...

Polarizing filters really help to take the glare off the surface of water. If you don't have one, I've even used my sunglasses in front of the lens of a point and shoot camera to successfully take the glare off of water.

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