Friday, November 24, 2006

Dear John Kerry

Dear John Kerry,

As a former Naval Officer you should be ashamed of yourself. You have done everything you can to discredit your country, your military, and your sense of honor for your own selfish political aspirations. You took an oath of your own free will and then have attempted to trash the dignity and honor of every person who has ever served their country except yourself. By your standards you are a hero but anyone else who serves is some sort of dummy.

I resent your allegations and so do a lot of other people both in and out of uniform. Some of the most educated and dedicated people I have ever know are part of OIF/OEF. At present I work with a group who hold degrees from varying institutions of higher learning such as USC, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, King's Collge London, West Point, Annapolis, Cornell, Oregon, and MIT. That's right John Kerry, MIT. I myself have a long track record and have even had continuing education at Harvard. Yep John that's right; Harvard. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I think that both MIT and Harvard are located in your home state of Massachusetts.

We are not dummies. We are bright, educated, experienced, and driven. We believe in our sense of honor, self worth, and duty. We don't look down on those with less education or denigrate their service, we applaud it. I have seen some very, very intelligent enlisted personnel who are here by choice because they wanted to give something back to their country before continuing on with their life.

Next time you decide to change the foot in your mouth try and do it when you are talking about some one other than people in uniform.


Someone stuck in Iraq

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving (I think that started in Massachusetts also)


Blogger Becca said...

I whole heartedly agree with you! I am one of those Americans who support you and your fellow troops' efforts in Iraq and think that John Kerry was wrong to say that.

May God bless you and your regiment this Thanksgiving.

Aloha nui,

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Fritz said...

Kerry, what to say about him that hasn't already been said. We always look for these (explanatives) to change when in fact it is us who have to change. We have to fight the fight here at home against these supporters of the enemy abroad. These last few days have been full of shopping stories and how people turn out to be the first in the mall to buy the Christmas presents. Man, if only half that energy could be directed toward elections we would be in good shape.

The Swift Vets for Truth had Kerry on the ropes and let him go. During that time they had him and his people admit that he did not earn one of the Purple Hearts but did not follow through on making him publicly give it up. The admitting of having not earned the Purple Heart was totally forgotten when he was being defended by his people to the press.

The press, now who says we don't have a third party in our politics? A cohesion of ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN and others make up the third party.

It is up to the general population in this country to change and to get involved by sending the right people to Washington D.C. - will we do that? I pray to God that we wake up before it is too late.

God Bless you and stay safe.

11:45 PM  

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