Sunday, October 15, 2006


There I was tooling down Route Circle 6 towards the USAF base when I started to get close to this truck. Imagine my surprise when I saw that camel head pop up! I scrambled for my pocket camera and got it out in time to catch this series of pics.

I raced up close as I dared. Traffic usually bad on this road. By bad I mean that they fly down it at 160 KPH or so and the limit is 120. Add that to the fact that camels spit and dare I must to get this close.

I snapped that shot and then pulled around to the side. I was eye to eye with this beast doing 120 KPH on one of the most dangerous roads on earth. I have seen a lot of weirdness in my time on earth but this one goes in the book for sure!


Anonymous BWJones said...

Thankfully, camel spit does not travel far at 120kph in any direction other than immediately downwind!

7:00 AM  

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