Thursday, December 14, 2006

A better blog is out there

Michael Fumento wrote a piece yesterday about Megan McClung that is much better than anything I could have written. I am attaching a link for those who knew her so that they can read the epitath of an amazing woman. It is still kind of strange to think that she was killed. This was a woman who had this awesome future. She was a future Senator or better. She was a leader too. Anyways, read the piece and you will see what others thought of her.

FYI - I did not know the others who were killed with her but it was a very bad day fro the Marines. Every casulaty hurts but some more than others. One of the things about being over here is that I have met and worked with so many amazing individuals. I will never be able to replace the lost time with my family but I hope they understand that this has been the most incredible thing I have ever been involved in. Fumento quotes people who also say that you just can't understand why we come back until you have been part of it.


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