Thursday, March 16, 2006

I see England, I see France, I see..........

I have a 4 year old son who is a sponge for information. Children's minds develop so fast and they absorb things so readily. Being a prankster I taught him the old ryhme of, "I see England, I see France, I see some one's underpants." He thought this was hilarious and tried repeatedly to copy it but kept saying, "I see France, I see England, I see your underwear." Of course my wife is not amused by this but I did it just to tick her off. It worked.

As I was packing my suitcase at home for my journey to the UK and then the sand box I was approached by my little dude. With that open child's mind he asked me a simple question which had a multi part answer. He said, "Where are you going Daddy?"

I was going to London for two days and then to Dubai before continuing North to the home of all these happy people. I thought about it and said, "Well I am going to England for a couple of days. Then I go somewhere else. Do you know where I am going?" He didn't even break a smile and said, "You are going to underpants!"

After I stopped laughing I told him that,"Yes indeed, Daddy is going to Underpants!" So I was and so I am. I am in Underpants now. I will never look at another map of Iraq without thinking that it should be labeled Underpants.

I did see England and saw France when I flew over it. I can see Underpants outside my window.


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