Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm Outta Here!

For now anyways. I am due R&R and I leave tonight. One helicopter flight, one charter flight and four commercial legs across the pond and down the CST for 14 glorious days of sleeping late and having beer for breakfast. Dinner with the Mrs., walks with the dog, Thomas the train with my son, gossiping about family with my sister, BBQ at night on the patio. It's just amazing how much you can look forward to those simple things.

Of course nothing stops here. I have been scurrying about trying to get my crew ready for their duties while I am gone. Thank God that my XO is as strong as he is. He is a retired NCO and is a good, loyal, and dependable leader who lets nothing get by him. I can leave and not worry knowing that he takes care of business.

I am traveling with two friends and we have planned a diversion to check out the indoor ski place in Dubai. I don't even know the real name of it yet, I just know that I want sticks on my feet and cold wind in my face. I don't care if it is in Dubai, if it has snow, I go!

Dubai is god awful expensive though. We had to really search to find hotel rooms for under $300.00 a night. Even the Sheraton and Marriott are that expensive. We are staying at an Indian owned 3 star for the bucket rate of $108.00 per night. Such a deal!

I have been lucky and had a couple of breaks this rotation but the other two have the "120 day stare" and need a beer. I mean they REALLY need a beer. They are both driving me nutty and if they don't get out of here I may shoot them myself.

I will buy the first round. Once we get to the hotel I will quote that wise old soothsayer Jimmy Buffet by yelling, "The Tiki Bar is OPEN!"


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