Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beware Great Deals!

I am in another Middle eastern country getting set to return to the sand box for more fun in the sun! I made a two day layover in London (One of my favorite cities) and had a great deal through Travelodge. London hotels are nototiously expensive so I could not resist a deal at 26 pounds per night.

If you go online and pay in advance by 30 days you can get this deal. The hotel was nice and clean and the breakfast (an extra 6.50) was very good but here is what the deal breaker was. It was 8 blocks to the nearest tube (subway) station and 3 blocks to the nearest bus stop. Needless to say I spent a lot on cabs.

The money I spent on cabs did not offset the savings I incurred by staying here. Next time I am back to the Cardiff Inn at Paddington Station. It is really small but it is one block from the station, has a great breakfast included and is all I need when I am alone. It is only 57 pounds and that includes breakfast. Add the fact that I can cut down my travel time to and from the airport by one hour each way.

Yep, the Cardiff Inn for me when I am alone in London. Carren does not do these type hotels. I think we will stay at Citadines South Kensington in July when we take a holiday there.


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