Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I was just Timberlaked. The IT guys play games with each other and one of their games has migrated over to my department. One of them found the Justin Timberlake site and figured how to load it as the home page on a computer. Once they do it, it is the devil to change and the worst part is that it is full of gay looking photos of Justin Timberlake without his shirt and has the most insipid song playing full bore over your speakers. If this happens to you, you have been TIMBERLAKED!

I walked into my office with my boss who is a retired Navy SEAL (No Bull, real deal) and saw that I had been Timberlaked. There was this screen saver of Justin Timberlake in full orgiastic glory with one of his bee bopping tunes going on. It was embarrassing but at the same time pretty funny as everyone knows I hate that type of music. Oh well, I have learned my lesson and will lock my computer from now on.

For those of you who want to play this on one of your friends go to tools, internet options, home, and then type in www.justintimberlake.com

Have fun torturing your cubicle mates!


Anonymous KristyX, Malaysia said...

*laugh* I'm a techie myself.. didn't realise that they do stuff like this even in the Army.. gotta love tech humor.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it could be worse. On Slashdot, you don't get Timberlaked. You get to the goatse . cx guy.

Don't go there. Really. Don't do it! I never have, but I have heard about the horror which lies inside, and I have heard the tormented screams of those who have seen it. Their minds will never be clean again.

Don't do it, really.

11:14 PM  

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