Monday, August 08, 2005

Shamal Season is here!

There are times when it only seems like we are in barren areas and then there are times when we are reminded that we are in the middle of the desert. We have had a few sand storms but this was a true "Shamal" which came in. They are called Scirrocco in Northern Africa but it is the same thing. Hot, dry winds carrying lots and lots of sand and fine dust. The dust just gets everywhere and it even come through the air conditioning filters. It clogs up all your pores and makes some monster "Boogie Nose".

Visibility is limited to about 25 yards of clear vision and about 50 of cloudy vision. After that you can't see at all. I took this photo of a HUMMV that was only about 3 car lengths in front of us. As you can tell, it is not that visible. Everyone has on their lamps and driving is slowed considerately. Dust gets tracked everywhere and those who have sensitive respiratory systems have a hard time with it. Oh well, it comes with the job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Shamal" is Arabic for North. They call them "Shamals" because they usually are caused by mass air movements out of the North/Northwest and blow down into the deserts out of Syria, Jordan, etc.

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