Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good News from Long Beach

My wife gave me some great news today.

When we left California we left behind some dear friends and neighbors that we really miss. Our next door neighbors were the perfect family. Business owners, good looking, nice home, 2 kids, one dog. After we had been in Texas for a few months my wife called to talk to them. She was stunned to find out that the couple's oldest child Tyler had died of leukemia. I too was shocked. He was such a sweet little kid and only 6 years old. He was very shy and I have this clear memory of him coming to our house on Halloween dressed in his Blues Clue's costume. He was too shy to say "Trick or Treat". He would work in the yard with his daddy fetching tools and stuff. I guess that he is one of the reasons that I consented to trying to have children. I saw how he and his daddy were together and it was a far cry from my own relationship with my father. I wanted to do the same things with my own children.

When Tyler developed leukemia and died the family was shattered. They were emotionally crushed. Tyler's dad would sit in the dark and cry. The grandmother had a heart attack. Their business suffered and so on and so on. The recovery took a long, Long time and I don't think they have ever really gotten over it. How do you?

They have a daughter Kelly, who was born while we lived there and she is beautiful and worshipped her older brother. She too was profoundly affected by this tragedy. Every time I think about it I think about how much I am missing with my little guy. There are times I will never be able to replace with him.

When my wife called our ex-neighbors to tell them she was coming to CA this week to visit she heard a baby crying in the background. We did not know. They now have an 11 month old son that is named Jesse. He was named this by his older sister. When her brother was dying they contacted Make A Wish to tell them that Tyler's favorite TV show was Monster Garage with Jesse James (Sandra Bullock's Husband). Jesse came to visit Tyler. Kelly was so impressed by this that when her little brother was born she told everyone they were naming him Jesse because Jesse James came to see her brother Tyler.

There are some heroes in this world and some times they come in unusual ways and unusual guises. Here is a rough, tough celebrity who came to see a little boy. Some celebrities would have sent a picture or made a phone call but Jesse came to meet Tyler. I am now a fan of his.


Anonymous Fritz said...

Knowing you as I do and seeing the situation of this family it is not so differnt than the pain, challenges and tribulation that your own experinece is exposed to on a day to day basis. It is the insight and compassion shown by your commentary that makes one stand back and realize how blessed we are in life when we meet certain people who may have indeed been put there by divine providence to make the rest of us understand why we are here. I love you brother, as I do all that give their best when they can. God bless you, your family and all who take the time to read your blog and want to learn. And most of all God Bless our fine young men and women for whom you have given of yourself to comfort and support in their time of need.
You are a friend, always will be.

9:16 AM  

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