Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Friends

My friends are basically useless, unemployable, and societal pariahs but I love them all. I hope they come to Jason's wedding in Las Vegas. If you don't know about the wedding email me at my gmail address so I can fill you in on the particulars.

BTW - Jason is a liberal and is an Obamaniac. He could have been gay. He could have been a gay Obamaniac. He probably knows one or two. Anyway he is my only nephew and I love him warts and all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! Thanks Uncle MIG! I love you too even though you are a USC Trojan fan! As for me being a liberal I don't really agree. I vote for the guy I think is going to do the best job. I just so happen to think Obama is gonna be that guy this time out. Had Hillary gotten the nod I would have voted for McCain. If anything I'm a centrist, because I like things that both parties have to offer. The answer does not lie on the LEFT or the RIGHT, but in the MIDDLE somewhere.

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