Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama is Clueless about Iraq

OK, its has been a long time since I posted here. I have been adjusting to my new life and quite honestly I have been trying to distance myself from Iraq and the war. I didn't even look up any of my war zone buddies when I was at home last. I have been changing mentally back into a totally civilian mindset but I do still read headlines about the war when I see them. Most times I shrug and just chalk up the disinformation to the liberal media. I promised before to keep politics out of this website but today I read something that just really ticked me off.

All this Obama worship by the media has made me just wish we could find another Ronald Reagan but we only have John McCain. McCain and Obama. That is the best we can do? That alone is a sad, sad commentary on our society and the ability of the media to manipulate our politics. Obama said things today about the surge that are patently untrue. I know it is untrue. I was there, he was not. For the transcript you can go to Fox at the following link:

Obama has it wrong!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! I say keep politics on your blog! I know there was one person that said keep it off, and I respect that person's opinion. But, in my opinion, I say it's your blog, write what you want :)

I completely agree with you 100% on our political situation right now. I was pro-Obama at first, but now with all the flip-flopping he's been doing and using rhetoric to convince the American people that he knows what's going on in Iraq, I've changed my position completely. McCain isn't that great either, but he's the only other guy we can vote for.

Oh, and for those reading this comment, please please please respond to me directly through email, not on this blog. I don't want any flaming going on, on a blog that isn't mine to begin with.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Fritz said...

Talk about clueless. This morning it seems Obama is all worried about Russia attacking Georgia. Seems he is worried about friends ad BBQ around the Atlanta area!!

4:58 PM  

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