Sunday, January 20, 2008

Georgia Frontiere is Dead

I'm not sad about this. I'm not happy either as I am sure that there are many people who are grieving today and her having died of breast cancer makes it even more tragic for them. I though am part of that minority of people who absolutely reviled her. See, I am or was, a Rams fan. Not the St. Louis Rams. The Los Angeles Rams.

I had season tickets, I was an officer of the booster club, I worked charity events, I traveled to away games. I was about as passionate a fan as I could be but when they up and fled SoCal for St. Louis I was just crushed. I was so hurt by this that I have had a love/hate relationship with the NFL ever since. I now watch with interest but very dispassionately.

You may sit back and think that the fans had it coming for not going to games but you have to understand that L.A. was a Rams town until two things happened. Carrol Rosenbloom died and left the team to Georgia and Al Davis brought the Raiders to town. Georgia moved the team to Anaheim and abandoned the core base of fans who were from the San Fernando Valley and West L.A. Anaheim never really owned the Rams, they were just caretakers. Al and the Raiders went after a different fan base altogether, Ghetto love and bangers. Not a nice crowd to be in. I attended a few Raider games and it was downright scary sometimes. They also screwed up beer sales for Trojan fans. Trojan fans (Of which I am one!) could purchase beer for the entire game but Raider fans caused so much havoc in the stadium that they changed policy and quit selling it BEFORE half time. The Rams quickly followed suit and it sure was a different atmosphere.

The Rams were in L.A. for over 50 years. You think losing your team can't happen to your NY Jets, SF 49ers, Chicago Bears, etc? Think again. It happened to the Baltimore Colts (Indianapolis), Houston Oilers (Tennessee Titans), Cleveland Browns (Baltimore Ravens), Dallas Texans (K.C. Chiefs), Cleveland Rams (Yep, they started there first!), Portland Lions (Detroit), L.A. Chargers (San Diego), and Decatur Staleys (Chicago Bears).

Pro football is all about one thing. It is about money. Your money and taxpayer money. I will never vote for a bond election where my tax money is being used to pay for a stadium used 10 times a year for a multi millionaire owner of a team of multi millionaire football players. Sorry Charlie. That is what Georgia wanted from SoCal and they told her to pound sand. They told Al Davis the same thing. Georgia went to St. Louis and took the team she had worn down to a nub and then spent money and drafted players wisely. They won the Super Bowl in 1999 that should have belonged to L.A. Carrol Rosenbloom must have rolled over in his grave that day. Al Davis went to Oakland and not only scalped the fans and taxpayers there, he had them ruin the A's baseball stadium for the sake of 10 games a year. Keep in mind the A's play 82 games a year in that same stadium and you see how out of whack that is. Georgia did the same thing to Anaheim Stadium. After the Rams left the City of Anaheim and Disney spent over 130 million just to fix it for baseball again.

Georgia is dead. I am sad for her family but inside I am gleeful. I know it is wrong and petty to be that way but it seems like a little payback for the pain she put true Rams fans through. Carrol Rosenbloom can roll back over in his grave now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I miss the Los Angeles Rams. You have echoed my feelings.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Layna said...

She also caused alot of pain for the employees she hired. She made her staff work on Christmas Eve and Day wrapping presents for certain VIP's til late in the day. I heard this from on of the workers directly. Such great consistancy in character.

11:20 PM  

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