Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Should I stay or should I go?"

The seminal band of the late 70s was The Clash. Some of you may remember them from "Rockin the Casbah" but my favorite Clash song was "Should I stay or should I go?" That song has just been drilling through my head the past two days.
I'm getting close to my original departure date and I'm getting itchy. Things are not the way they should be here but they never are anyway so it is status quo really. My reality is not that of anyone in the land of the big PX so they don't know or care about all the phrases we bandy around like "Mission Essential", "Tertiary Effects", "OpOrd", or even "Hooah". I want to go so bad but these phrases always equate into the one factor I cannot shake. If it is not me it will be some one else.
I'm awfully damn good at what I do. I know my job and role and come in second to none but the grind, politics, difficulties and Iraq in general have just got me to a point where I don't have any reaction to bad news other than this: I am already in Iraq so they can't threaten me with that. The worst thing they can do to me now is put me on a plane and send me to America. You know what? That ain't bad at all.


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