Thursday, May 24, 2007

The value of human life

Everyone has a tough time over here with labor brokers and construction type firms when it comes to how they treat their workers. Our values and sense that all men are created equal just do not compute here. These brains are hard wired that if you are of a certain religion, nationality, caste, or tribe other than their own, you just don't count.
Even though I have been coming to this part of the world for over 20 years I still shake my head at how badly people from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are treated. They are just the lowest of the low here. There is indentured servitude in the form of up front labor contracts; there is a problem with people being paid and lots of sexual misconduct. Filipinos get treated a little better but not much.
Basically the Kuwaitis think that you use Lebanese to count your money, Filipinos to run your shop and work in your house, Indians for technical jobs, Pakistanis for construction and Bangladeshis to clean toilets. Us? Well, we don't work for the Kuwaitis, we work for Uncle Sam.
I took this photo behind my apartment complex. It is a typical construction scene here. A Pakistani or Indian construction hand with no PPE, no fall protection, shoddy scaffold, and no real tools performing dangerous and tedious work. As a former safety professional I cant help but be appalled at times but I understand that this is how they do business.
Sad but true, they just don't value human life. It goes to show why they fight the way they do. They don't care if they kill innocents. If the innocents are another religious sect or religion its OK. After all Allah only loves their particular sect, tribe, and belief system. Just ask them. Or if you really want to deliver a hard hitting question ask John Murrah or Nancy Pelosi if they understand that.


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