Friday, May 25, 2007

Under Armor

OK, its weird but I love this stuff. I started buying the t-shirts back in 2004 when they first started hitting the PX. I was at a town hall meeting in OIF II and BG Hammond (ADCS 1st Cavalry Division) was addressing uniform issues as some of the troopers wanted to go without their blouse in the heat. He countered that by showing us all one of these t-shirts. I bought one the day they arrived at the PX and was hooked.
I don't wear anything but under armor when I have an over shirt. It is light weight and wicks away the sweat so that you don't have that heavy, stinky, salt lick all over your body at 16:00 when it is 110 degrees.
They came out with skivvies and I started buying those. I have been getting a few pairs at a time because they are $20.00 each. I have just about replaced all my cotton undies.
Now I have socks! Crew socks and heat gear socks too. I have long sleeve cold gear, tactical for under blouse, and loose gear for wearing as a top cover. I even bought a couple of camp shirts. This stuff is really expensive but in this climate it is worth every penny because when it is this hot you are just miserable and anything you can do to allay that by an iota becomes a cost worth incurring.
My wife thought it was weird until she got some of it for her work outs. Now she likes it too. I wish I had bought stock when it went IPO.


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