Sunday, January 07, 2007

Crane Roll Over

I was driving out in the desert away from town and came up on this beauty. Some how an operator turned over a perfectly good 35 ton Grove Rough Terrain Hydraulic Crane. However he did it was awfully dumb. These rigs are designed to operate in these environments and flipping one over is usually a result of getting a load out of radius. I know because I used to operate these in another lifetime (seems that way sometimes).

From the looks of his tracks it appears that he tried to walk this rig with the boom all the way up and taking the berm on the road edge at the same time. All operators are taught that you never run more than 10% off level and that you always travel with the boom as far down as possible. What a shame. This is a nice looking fairly new rig.

Like Daddy said, "Never underestimate how stupid someone can be."


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