Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What Rose Bowl?

I worked late last night and got into the rack about 23:00. I was up at 05:00 to get ready and meet some folks at 06:30. I ran into a major issue with personnel and got a late start to my schedule. I made a major road trip and did not get back until an hour ago.

I just checked the box scores from the Rose Bowl. USC 32, Michigan 18 I didn't watch it. I have not seen highlights. I don't know anything other than this. I am so tired that I am not even that psyched about it. I just know that I am damn glad that I don't have to hear a years worth of crowing about it.

I feel for the Michigan fans though. They really thought they were the team to meet OSU. I know what it feels like to get your hopes shattered. So Michigan fans, have a great recruiting year and let's do this agin. After all Michigan and USC have been in the Rose Bowl together 9 times now. USC leads the series 7-2.


Anonymous Fritz said...

Look out! There's Gators in the swamp. Chomp! Chomp!

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Fritz said...

Hmmmm! Looks like I was right. There are Gators in the swamp and they are fast!
Gators 41 Ohio State 14
Chomp! Chomp!

3:35 PM  

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