Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam is Dead, so what next?

Saddam is dead. Why don't I feel elated? I did when he was captured. I did when we killed his sons. I was excited to be within 100 feet of him one day as he was led to his cell. His location was the worst kept secret in Baghdad at the time.
Today I just feel like it was a cheap revenge killing. I don't think the Iraqis got enough coverage out of it. Maybe he should have been tried at an international court like the Bosnian Serbs have been in Den Hague. Maybe it should have been at the UN. For whatever reason I just feel like it was kind of rushed and amateur.
When I think of all the bad things he did I don't feel anger anymore, I just feel like it took to long to get it over with. It makes no difference now in the monster we have unleashed in Iraq. In fact, even though he was a horrible man with a horrible mind he kept the lid on simmering factions much like Tito did in Yugoslavia. Maybe some societies need a strong man to keep them in check.

Don't get me wrong. I condone nothing he did. He was a meglomanic of the 1st sort and was a threat to the entire world. He was able to scare us all and maybe his saber rattling is what did him in. He could have had a literal dynasty if he had not made huge mistakes. HUGE mistakes mixed into enormously intriging and Machiavellian moves of brilliance.

He was part of a coup attempt against the Iraqi Monarchy. It failed and he was jailed. He was part of the overthrow of the monarchy after that. He was part of the coup of that government. He was part of the assasination conspiracy of the new government leader. He took absolute power. He called out the names of "traitors" at a Baath Party meeting, They were led out and shot.He invaded Iran. The war took 8 years and cost millions of lives. He borrowed billions of dollars from Arab nations and when they called in the loans he invaded Kuwait. He was bounced out and could have just rolled up tight and stayed quiet and in power but he did not count on a steel willed Texan being placed in the White House. A man whose father he tried to assasinate in liberated Kuwait.

We joked that Operation Iraqi Freedom should have been called Operation "You tried to kill my daddy". Maybe we were not so far from the truth.

He was loved by a few and hated by many. He granted enormous power and wealth to a few at the expense of many. He was the epitome of the adage that "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". He was a loathsome figure in a loathsome regime in a loathsome part of the world

Whatever he was, he was. Was. Not is, not anymore, Dead. Killed by the hands of Iraqis after an Iraqi court tried and convicted him, after an Iraqi judge pronounced a death sentance. Swinging with a broken neck, or strangled slowly as the life left him. Maybe he went quick, maybe not but dead is dead.

He killed thousands. I am here becuase of him. Friends of mine are dead because of him. He caused untold misery and suffering and was responsible for a modern fascist state while squandering the greatest fortune every placed in anyone's hands. Why then do I feel nothing? I feel no remorse but I also feel no joy. I actually feel let down more than anything else because there was no flash bang quality to any of it.

He is gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Blogger MonicaR said...

You sound conflicted. A lot of different feelings - some seemingly opposed to one another.

Killing Hussein does not mean the end of anything except possibly his life and also the possibility of his return to power.

He was made to answer for his egregious crimes against innocents. It isn't a happy thing. It is a sober and serious thing. It isn't something we take pleasure in. It isn't easy. It's thankless and dirty and hard.

He got as fair a trial as anyone can get. All we can do is move on and pick up the pieces that he left behind.

I am sorry. I hope that you have a blessed New Year to come. God bless - - we love you all.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Fritz said...

Reference monicar's comment. It is easy to sound conflicted. The execution was something like being all excited to go to a good movie and then it was not at all what you thought it would be.

I liked the idea that they tried to keep it low key and damn the press for wanting to fan the fire caused by the jerk who did the phone video. For all I care they can take him on the same walk they took Saddam on.

I can not help but to think that the Iraqi people will show signs of relief once they are convinced that Saddam will not rise like a Phoenix (again) and kill thousands more.

I think one of the major problems in this war has been our inability to think ahead and that is because there is no model to compare anything like what we have seen in Iraq to.

We are one tyrant closer to getting them all and we have to keep our resolve. We are going to make it and it is because of guys like you. Thank you so much.

I mentioned movies earlier, 'Blood Diamond' is an excellant movie.

God Bless you all.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Mamabear said...

evil personified. Any which way he left the planet is A O.K. with me.

No more photo added bonus.

7:22 PM  
Anonymous layna said...

The fact that we just can't celebrate enough is just another sign that we are being mental whipped into being afraid of p___ing off more muslims. Oh boy, we better not get too excited now, we might just get them all upset now.. so let's all act like nothing happened... it'll be ok.. let's all just be quiet and maybe they won't notice. Maybe we should all start tip toeing around those little eggshells... or it could get worse...

That's my moment on the thing. There SHOULD have been a parade!

8:22 AM  

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