Thursday, October 12, 2006


My wife says I sound tired all the time. I am. This grind just wears me down by this point in my rotation to where I am cranky, weary, and just plain worn out. This makes four years now being deployed and it is starting to wear on me. Not only do I get physically tired, I am mentally tired.
By that I mean that when I finish my normal 14 hour work day I am so drained that I have no energy for conversation, music, reading, or any other activity which takes mental processes. I don't want to talk to anyone, hang out anywhere, go to a movie, the library, or the gym. I just want to sit in the dark for 30 minutes of a DVD before I pass out from exhaustion.
Thank God I have R&R in three weeks. If I did not I would have to get away on an LWOP (Leave Without Pay) for a few days. I thought Kuwait was going to be easier than Iraq. I'll take Mortar Bingo over this any day.


Anonymous biglou said...

Its the project Brother not the location.three weeks and its a cold beer and the surf.
Big lou

9:53 AM  

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