Sunday, October 01, 2006

More Kuwait Towers

......sorry about the delay. I get wrapped up in stuff from time to time. Like I was saying in my last blog, these towers are a real hoot. I try and find humor in everything and this did not dissapoint. These towers are just gawdawfultacky.

Look at this shot of the sequins up close. You can see why it starts to remind you of a fishing lure after a while. The only fish it ever caught was Saddam. He saw the bait and went for it and that is what precipitated his eventual downfall.

Isn't that sad? To think that some educated engineer designed it is sad enought but some one had to actuall fund this travesty of taste!

They did manage to have a good idea though and that was to build a kiddie park. This is a cool little water park that they built but the funny thing is that it was so hot there was no one there.


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Spell check HB. Guess who?

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