Saturday, April 01, 2006

Whose flag is this?

I am reading all this coverage of the ballyhoo regarding immigration and such in the USA. Heartfelt diatribe aside my take is simple. This is our country and our culture. If you want to come, do it legally (We should reform that and make it easier) and then assimilate into our culture. Its OK to keep essence of your original culture but don't try to recreate the screwed up place you fled from. My ancestors came from England and Germany and I don't call myself English-American and live in a little English community. Become one of us. If you want benefits pay taxes and become registered.

Don't employ illegals or face the wrath. Enforce the law and put the company leaders of the firms that break the law in jail. Make the workers "Guest Workers" like the Germans do. You can reside but you will never be a citizen.

I love Mexicans. They are the hardest working and some of the most honest people I have ever met but this system is causing the trouble. They just want a better life and we have the jobs and the room. We just need to fix the problem without declining into anarchy.

I don't want to see anyone burn an Amercian flag. That is like spitting in my face. You can fly yours but not in the place of or above the American flag.

You don't use rioting as an excuse to skip school. Get your little butts to class or fail your course, its that simple. Parents of the delinquent or truant children should pay a fine or spend the night in jail. Junior would be in class for sure if that was a law!

Finally I get to the flag. It is eerily reminisent of the Nazi German flag. Imagine a swastika instead of the black eagle. Who does it belong to? The United Farm Workers. A Latino based socialist union. Politics does make strange bedfellows, does it not?


Anonymous Tom said...

I agree with you on everything said about the immigration act and with all the foreigns coming to the US.

10:16 PM  

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